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Potassium Carbonate Powder 500 Grams. Used to buffer pure Vitamin C /L-Ascorbic Acid/ into a salt: Potassium Ascorbate, which is completely Gerson safe and allows you to take small or huge doses of Vitamin C safely. Further the Potassium Ascorbate is mild on the stomach, as it's not an acid anymore, but a salt. Using this form, preparing it yourself, you are 100% sure no sodium would go into your Vitamin C intake.


Usage: Put 1 gram of Vitamin C into 120 ml. of distilled water. Put 100 mg of Potassium carbonate inside and wait two minutes. Try to drink it. If it's very sour, gradually start adding more Potassium carbonate /not more than 300 mg. altogether/, till the taste become pleasant, not sour.

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