Enema Supplies

Gerson Therapy Enema Supplies :: Here you can find all the things that are needed for your Gerson enema. The Gerson enema is almost 1 litre (exactly 950 ml). So the enema kit is suitable for such an enema. Here you could find everything for a straigh coffee enema, mixed coffee enema with added chamomile tea and the castor oil enema.

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Enema Catheter 20" Latex
Enema Catheter 20" Latex is used to be directly slipped on the Enema Bucket 1 L. Kit's nozzle. ..
Enema Bucket Kit 1 L. with Clamp
Enema Bucket 1 L. This kit contains a bucket, a tube, a nozzle and a clamp /not show on the pic..
Enema Mat 50x140 cm
Enema Mat 50x140 cm/19.7x55.1 in. Thickness 6.5 mm/0.26 in. ..
Vaseline (Jelly) Organic Petroleum Free 200 g.
Vaseline (Jelly) Organic Petroleum Free 200 g. ..