Kitchen Supplies

Kitchen Supplies :: Here you can find the specific kitchen tools that are needed to practice the Gerson Therapy. The must have Foodmill, as well as other useful things to make your cooking experience much easier.

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Apple Cutter
The apple cutter will greatly improve your experience with the Gerson Therapy's product preparation...
Food Mill Gefu Flotte Lotte
The Best Foodmill for the Gerson Thearapy. Has wide and deep container which allows you to mash the ..
Juice Cloth 40x40 cm
Juice Cloth 40x40 cm / 15.74x15.74 in. To be used in Norwalk Juicer or any other hydraulic juice pre..
Juice Press Handy 150
You could use this press together with any appliance, such as slow juicer, Omega Juicer, stainl..
Salad Spinner
The must have salad spinner, also known as salad or food centrifuge, is used to dry the greens ..