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Juice Cloth 40x40 cm / 15.74x15.74 in. To be used in Norwalk Juicer or any other hydraulic juice press. Warning: This cloth is cut down from a big roll of Food grade polyester, specially designed for food and juices. The dimensions of the cloth are not perfect: they may vary from 38 to 42 cm. for any side.

Care and Cleaning:
Never boil bags or cloths. Cloths and bags are made from dacron-polyester; boiling will melt fibers together and prevent juice from flowing evenly.
After juicing rinse cloths (or bags) in cold water to rinse away fiber particles and minerals.
Place in zip-lock plastic bag and store in freezer until needed next.
Wash with biodegradable soap after 3-4 uses.
Rinse out all soap. Store in freezer sealed in a plastic bag.
Do not allow bags and cloths to air dry. This will make them brittle and shorten their life.
Always keep in deep freezer ( not refrigerator ) when not in use to prevent bacteria growth.
Thaw under faucet then rinse with filtered water when ready to use.

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